Jul 152010

Linking your different social media accounts so that they feed one another is a great way to cut down on the time spent maintaining your social media presence.  One of the simplest of these is linking your Facebook business page so that it feeds your Twitter account.

A short while after setting up your Facebook business page there is usually a message displayed asking if you would like to link to your Twitter account. Here is the procedure to follow if you didn’t take advantage of that message at the time it as displayed.

  • Log in to the Twitter account that you want to link your Facebook page to.
  • In a different browser tab or Window log in to the Facebook account that was used to create your business page
  • Go to the following page http://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  • You should see a page like this:

  • Click the Link A Page to Twitter button and you will be shown  a list of pages associated with this account:

  • Click on the Link to Twitter button next to the page you would like to link
  • You will be sent to a twitter page to authorize the connection. (Be sure that you are linking to the correct Twitter account!)

  • Click the Allow button
  • At the time of this writing the redirect back to Facebook is not working. If that is still true when you link the accounts you will need to manually navigate back to the Facebook link page. (http://www.facebook.com/twitter/)

  • Click the Edit Settings button to display the types of posts you would like to send to Twitter
  • Select the types of posts you would like to send to Twitter and click Save Changes.
  • Your Facebook posts should now automatically post to your Twitter account.