Oct 312013
Call-to-Action 101: Why they’re important and how to use them

This is guest contribution from Michael Kuhlmann. Would you like to increase your readership? How about boosting downloads for your latest white paper or newly-launched digital product? The secret to success sometimes lies in the obvious. While you may have placed a sign-up field for your newsletter or added a new product to your e-commerce site, [...]

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Oct 292013

What’s the one thing that you should do on your blog every day (or at least regularly)? “Create new content!” Good answer! Without regular new content your blog isn’t really a blog is it? Another Great Daily Exercise for Your Blog But other than creating new content – what else should you be paying attention [...]

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Oct 282013
Are You Leaving Yourself Open To Social Media Identity Theft?

This is a guest contribution from Amy Johnson. Social media has become incredibly popular.  Many people have accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn, and many share information, photos, and other things with their friends through these sites. But they may not realise how much they’re sharing or that strangers can access [...]

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Oct 232013
How to Beat Amazon eBook Competition

This is a guest contribution from The Blogger, Greg Narayan. If you’ve tested your luck in the eBook industry you probably have noticed one thing: the scene is a total mess. While it takes years to publish a hard cover novel, we can now whip off a PDF eBook in the time it takes to make [...]

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Oct 212013
The Do’s and Don’ts of Conducting Interviews For Your Blog

This is a guest contribution by Kelly Gregorio. As an active blog owner, chances are you strive to produce content that is engaging, relevant and most important, fresh. Right? Switching up your content’s style and delivery can keep readers’ interest and may even make the experience of producing content more exciting. One way to engage your [...]

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Oct 192013
The Secret To Growing Your Blog to Its Potential

I recently had a blogger sidle up to me at a conference and ask me to share ‘the secret’ technique that would allow see their blog grow to its potential. While the blogger was asking with tongue planted firmly in his cheek (he understood that there was no single thing that would transform his blog) [...]

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