Nov 202013
The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments On Blogs

If you’ve ever read a post, book or eBook, or listened to a webinar or conference session on the topic of ‘finding readers for your blog’ you’ll have heard the advice: ‘Leave comments on other blogs‘ It was the first piece of advice I remember reading about building readership (from memory a 2002 book by [...]

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Nov 162013
5 Reasons Why Blogging is Not Working for Your Business

This is a guest contribution from freelance writer, Jawad. Over the last few years, the significance of high value content, in generating qualified sales leads, has increased tremendously for businesses. More than ever before, businesses are now focusing on generating regular content for their target markets to keep a steady inflow of customers. This, of [...]

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Nov 122013
Five Lessons Any Blogger Can Learn from Organized Crime

This is a guest contribution from Steven Gomez. Image courtesy of Boaz Yiftach / Crime in America has many names. There is the Mafia, the Mob, the National Crime Syndicate, or “La Costa Nostra” – Italian for “This Thing of Ours.” In addition to the colorful names and faces are the larger-than-life personalities that turned [...]

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Nov 072013
Disillusioned with Facebook: Here’s a Way Forward

Are you disillusioned or frustrated with Facebook? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard bloggers say that they are unhappy with the changes Facebook have made to their algorithm in the last 12 months – changes that make it harder for those who ‘like’ your page to actually see your updates. I [...]

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Nov 052013

This is a guest contribution from Scott Purcell, co-founder of Man of Many. People often speak in very broad terms when giving tips or suggestions to improve blog traffic. We may hear unspecified suggestions, such as: “be active on social networks” or “partner with other blogs”.  If you are attempting to launch a new blog it [...]

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Nov 042013
The ONE thing your written content needs. (And it’s not what you think!)

This is a guest contribution from karen gunton is a blogger, teacher, and visual marketing specialist. Bloggers hear a lot of advice about content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing, but you may have noticed something new pop into the online landscape lately – visual marketing. So yes, even though you are a blogger and [...]

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