7K Social Media provides support for our customers to maximize the impact and value of their social media marketing efforts. Our services include:

  • Evaluation of your current social media effort
  • Social media account setup
  • Social media account management
  • Online reputation management
  • Fan and Follower acquisition
  • 24×7 Twitter and Facebook post scheduling
  • and more…

Our current accounts include:

The Perlan Project – An aviation related research project that had no social media presence when we started working with them. They currently have more than 7,000 twitter followers and more than 1300 fans of their Facebook page.

The Perlan Project on Twitter

The Perlan Project on Facebook

Pack Moose Radio – An internet radio station on the live365 network playing classic rock and blues.  Their monthly listening hours have more than doubled since beginning their social media effort just a few months ago.

Pack Moose Radio Station Page

Pack Moose Radio on Twitter

Pack Moose Radio On Facebook

Private Wisdom - A twitter only affiliate marketing account with over 33,000 followers

Private Wisdom on Twitter

Wandering Biker – a travel blog with over 20,000 page hits per month, a Twitter account with over 45,000 followers and a Facebook fan page with over 1000 fans.

Wandering Biker Blog

Wandering Biker on Twitter

Wandering Biker on Facebook

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  7 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey – just noticed your Twitter follow, and looked at your site since we’re both in Durango.

    It looks great in Firefox and Opera, but you may want to view it in MSIE because that is still the most used browser. On your front page, the central box title is elevated into your banner, and the numbers for your 7 points are slightly truncated at left.

    There is a fair number of Safari users, and your site renders well there too, but the text is really small.

    If you’re interested, I tested Google Translate on my site, then asked non-English speakers on LinkedIn for feedback. Their consensus was that automatic translators produce comic relief at best (one sent me a hilarious web site dedicated to translator blunders), and generally make it harder to read “in their language” than if they read it in English.

    I tried sending this in Firefox, without being logged in to my e-mail account. The framework for your comment form said my e-mail address was invalid – probably because it actually tests for it. So I will try it the other way to see if it sends. As it exists, your comment form will exclude people who try to contact you when they aren’t logged into their e-mail accounts.

    Hope this is useful,

    (Please don’t add my e-mail address to any automated mailer.)

    • Hi Greg!

      Wow…..thanks for all the info and taking such a long time testing my site! I am aware of the rendering problems with older versions of Internet Explorer but it seems to render properly in IE8. I’m not sure how much I can do about it anyway. This site was built with WordPress and I didn’t add any custom HTML.

      Having read foreign sites with Google Translate I will have to agree with your assessment of it’s capabilities.

      I’ll check out the comment form difficulties and see what I can do.


      • Found the problem with IE7 and fixed it. Thanks again Greg.

      • You’re welcome. Actually I should have said MSIE8, where I first viewed your site. Anyway it looks real good now.

        BTW, you mentioned being uncomfortable with localization. Since my business is mobile computing services and tutoring – as opposed to global vaporware – I jumped on localization, stuffing “Durango, Colorado” everywhere possible in AboutUs, AT&T YellowPages, BestOfTheWeb, Bing, BuzzTown (part of local Directory Plus), Digg, Facebook (and limiting the dumb stuff), FreeIndex, LinkedIn, Squidoo, StumbleUpon, SuperPages, Topix, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.

        Some of them are quite time intensive, and it’s good to code links and buttons to your profiles and posts. Assuming your site address is properly entered in those profiles, posting articles, comments, story links, and answering questions usually builds back-links of which the Big 3 search engines approve.

        Ironically, now that my site is getting noticed locally, I have to move out East to take care of my Mom. OK because I get no work here anyway.

        Good luck,


  2. Thanks for the twitter follow! We are huge Durango fans. My son is at Ft. Lewis. He just loves living down there. My book is for sale at Maria’s so I’ve been down to do a book signing. Interesting website! I’ll continue having a look around!

  3. Read your blog, cool stuff,

    Just a quick note to let you know we appreciate you posting our video “Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes”. That’s awesome!

    We have a new series called The Social Media Snowball Effect that you may like.

    See it here: http://socialmediasnowballefect.com

    It’s free, it’s just not on YouTube.

    Thanks again!