Nov 282012

Today is my tenth anniversary of starting blogging and to celebrate I’m offering all ProBlogger ebooks at just $10 each—that’s a 50-90% saving on their normal price.

10 Years of Blogging

Ten years ago when I hit Publish on my first blog post, I could never imagined how that moment would change my life.

Having read my first blog only minutes before I spontaneously decided to give it a go myself—registered a Blogspot blog and quickly wrote my first post.

In that moment before I hit publish I had mixed feelings:

  • On one hand I felt excited by the potential of this new medium of blogging and wondered what it would happen.
  • On the other hand, I had many doubts—I had no technical experience, I wasn’t a great writer, I didn’t know if I had anything to say and wondered if anyone would ever read what I did write.

I had every reason not to start that first blog but for some reason felt compelled to hit Publish.

Fast-forward to today, ten years later, and I’m so glad I did!

Blogging has opened up some wonderful opportunities to meet great people, learn so much about the topics I write about and to travel and experience some amazing things.

That it has also become a business and the way that I feed my family is an unexpected bonus!

What’s made the last decade all the more satisfying to me is that I’ve been able to bring others along on the journey of making money through blogging—through starting ProBlogger in 2004.

Over 34 million readers have visited ProBlogger since that time—considerably more than the number of people who live here in Australia.

By no means has everyone of them become a full time blogger but almost every day I hear stories from readers telling me about the opportunities reading the blog posts and eBooks at ProBlogger has helped open up for them.

$10 ProBlogger Ebooks for 10 Days Only

So to help celebrate my ten-year anniversary of blogging, and to hopefully help you continue to grow in your blogging, I’ve decided to throw a little party on ProBlogger this week and to offer readers the opportunity to pick up ProBlogger ebooks at a price I’ve never gone to before.

It’s been ten years of blogging, so for the next ten days only I’m offering our ebooks at just $10 each.

Given our ebooks are normally priced at between $20 and $100, that’s a 50-90% discount, depending

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