Oct 242012

This guest post is by Chloe Spencer of NeopetsFanatic.com.

Who said vlogs are the only blogs that should have video blog posts? All blogs should incorporate different types of media in their posts, because not all of your viewers stay interested in a blog that never switches up the way it posts its content.

Rich media blog posts tend to capture a large amount of readers, especially if you post your video using YouTube, which expands your audience from the readers of your blog to your YouTube subscribers, as well as all other YouTube users.

And if your video is good enough, it will spread through other social media sites and blogs, reaching audiences across the Internet; in other words, it will go viral.

So the question is, how do you create a video that’s good enough to go viral? Well, there are a few key ingredients to make a vlog post viral.

1. Make it helpful or interesting

For a video to become viral, it needs to teach something really helpful, or be very interesting.

You could be giving gamers a new tip or cheat for a certain game, you could be showing at-home cooks a handy cooking trick, or your video could be about the craziest extreme sports on the planet, or the most expensive dogs money can buy…

Whatever your topic, the video needs to capture attention, and give the viewer an incentive to share it. Either it was so helpful to them, or it was so interesting or cool that they couldn’t help but share it.

One informational video that went viral was the How To Moon Walk Like Michael Jackson video, which had over 30 million views. It’s a brilliant idea for a how-to video with viral potential.

Another video that was so interesting and entertaining that it became one of the most watched videos on YouTube, with a whopping 203 million views, is Judson Laipply’s amazing Evolution of Dance.

2. Use humor

Humor is key for a video to go viral. But it has to be the right kind of humor.

Think about who your target audience is, and who’s going to be doing the social sharing. Wacky humor is a great tactic for a younger audience, with content that’s original and often a little odd. There are tons of videos like this sweeping the Internet among Digital Natives (a.k.a Gen Ys). For example, a funnily dubbed voiceover

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