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These days, everyone’s a blogger. I’m a blogger, you’re a blogger, most people who end up commenting on this post will be bloggers too. And literally every one of us has the main goal of providing the elusive “quality content”.

However, the main problem is that virtually everything around us—social media, other commitments, you name it—tries to prevent us from doing so.

And despite the fact that there’s a massive number of tips online on how to write properly, the advice isn’t structured. There are just various bits of information here and there, so it’s difficult to keep everything in mind once you begin working on a new piece.

That’s why I want to share this following idea with you. The idea of writing exactly not like your teacher told you to.

This should be easy to grasp as we all went to school, and we all kind of remember what “good writing” is—according to our teachers.

Just a word of explanation before we begin. I’m from Poland. The school system is different here, but I’m pretty sure that the general rules of writing taught by teachers are pretty similar worldwide. Feel free to correct me, though!

The trick for us as bloggers, however, is to take this advice and flip it completely by doing exactly the opposite thing.

Don’t use long blocks of text

Chances are that your teacher told you to use long paragraphs so you can explain your points in great detail. Long blocks of text are easy to grasp on a piece of paper, but not on a computer screen.

Use a maximum of four to six lines of text per paragraph.

Don’t use complex language

In real life, using complex language doesn’t make you smart, it makes you a smart alec.

Simple words are better for getting your point across quickly.

Don’t wait to deliver your main point

The whole trick of online writing is to deliver your point early on. People simply don’t have time to read 600 words of your article to get to the point. That might work in school, but it doesn’t online.

Deliver your point in your second paragraph (unless you’re creating a list post).

Don’t introduce too many ideas

A blog post should be simple in nature. Remember that people are reading it on their computers, and reading from a screen is not the most comfortable thing to do.

One idea per post is enough. If

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