Jun 262012

Earlier today we heard from Kevin Cullis, who’s successfully using his blog to support his self-published print book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version.

As print publishing evolves, we’re seeing more and more bloggers release printed books—either themselves or through established publishing houses, like I did.

This is an interesting thrust for blogging. When ereaders first hit the virtual shelves, more than a few people said that print was dead. Years later, we can see that those predictions haven’t—and won’t—come true any time soon.

A print book can help you grow your blog’s audience and build your profile as an expert authority within your niche.

It can open you up to new opportunities—like public speaking, joint ventures, and so on.

And it can take your blogging career in entirely new directions.

Of course, a print book can grow your income both in and of itself, and through your blog.

Have you considered writing a print book? What’s stopping you? Let us know what you think about this blogging business model in the comments.

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