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I’m a quiet man. Shy in some circumstances. I like my own company and my own time.

Left unchecked, these qualities would be enough to ensure that I lived out the rest of my life as a small man in a tiresome job, never making a difference and never getting noticed by anybody.

But I can’t imagine a worse hell than that. Really, I can’t.

I know that I’ll never leave my fingerprints on the world unless I deliberately engage with it, and I’ll never put my dent in the universe unless I get out there and punch at the edges. You need to leave a trace; you need to affect the world; you need to be in the light.

Here’s how people spend their lives in the shadows without ever being noticed.

1. Don’t pay attention to what matters

The most unhappy people on the planet are those who don’t listen to and don’t pursue what matters to them most. They won’t have set out to be unhappy, they’ll simply have their lives eroded by the continual exclusion of what matters to them in preference of what they think they ought to be doing.

What matters to you is what counts.  What matters to you amounts to a hill o’ beans.  What matters to you is enough.

You always notice someone who honours, expresses and demonstrates the things that matter most to them.

2. Don’t stick your neck out

Raising your head above the parapet might just get you an arrow right in the kisser. So valuing your face, you decide to stay put, crouched behind the safety of the castle wall and safe from the vicious marauders.

Only thing is, there’s a whole world beyond those walls. A world that needs you to be a part of it and people who want to see you rise. Safety is too high a price to pay for dying a long, slow death.

You always notice someone who stands up when everyone else remains seated.

3. Don’t show any heart

Science and logic are good allies to have these days. Building a high-converting sales page, writing magnetic headlines and creating a solid business plan are all good things to do among many others, but if those things become your sole focus then you’ve already lost.

You become so focused on the cogs, levers and whirring wheels that you lose site of why you switched the contraption on in the first place. You’re so busy operating

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