Apr 252012

Tomorrow is my birthday, and it’s one of those big ones: I’m turning 40!

Life’s been so busy lately—with blogging, three kids, my photographic obsession, and the other organizations I give time to—so I’ve not had a lot of time to ponder what being 40 years of age really means (or what shape my mid life crisis should take … I’m open to suggestions).

However I do feel very fortunate on many levels and I’ve been wanting to use this little milestone to do something special.

So I’ve decided to give my birthday to Charity Water.

Our world is facing a crisis around the issue of water—something we all need, and which most of us living in developed countries take for granted.

Yet for around a billion people water is something that they’re constantly thinking about—in fact, their lives revolve around the logistics of getting it for their family.

Millions who are unable to access clean water simply don’t make it to their fifth birthday.

It’s a massive problem with many complexities that make my head spin, but my hope is that this birthday we can do something small to make a difference.

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 10.38.35 AM.png

If you’d like to join me in tackling the problem and/or you’d like to celebrate my birthday tomorrow I’ve set up a Charity Water page to do just that. I’d love to raise $5000 (although I’ve probably left promoting this a little late) but really anything we can raise would be fantastic.

I know not everyone is in a position to give as much as $40—or anything at all—but if you are, I’d greatly appreciate it. If not, please spread the word or consider pledging your own birthday to tackle the issue.

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