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This guest post is by Patrick Meninga of Make Money with No Work.

Over the last four years, I created a single website that exceeded $2,000 in monthly income, and sold for six figures to one of my direct advertisers.

When I started this journey, I had no idea what I was doing.  I wasted a great deal of time using actions that were inefficient, wasteful, and unprofitable.  Looking back, it is easy to see which actions produced the most income.

My action checklist for creating a website and selling it for $200,000 looked like this:

  • selected the perfect topic
  • published a high volume of content
  • created premium content to attract organic links
  • pitched premium quality guest posts
  • cultivated a community of fans
  • negotiated direct advertising deals
  • persisted through any setbacks
  • sold when the right offer came along.

Select the perfect topic

I chose the perfect topic for my website.  The subject of addiction worked because:

  1. I had expert knowledge and first-hand experience in it.
  2. There was sufficient traffic and interest in the topic on the web.
  3. There was money to made from related products and services.

If you want to creating a six-figure website, you’ll need to meet all three of these requirements.

How can you find the perfect topic?

Think carefully about where your expertise lies. What have you done, what have you learned, and what could you teach others? Brainstorm a list of potential topics based on your experiences. ProBlogger has some helpful suggestions on how to do this.

Next, filter your list of potential topics by profitability. ProBlogger has a detailed guide on how to do this.

Then, filter your list of topics based on potential volume. ProBlogger explores the idea of considering your niche’s volume in detail.

It is not enough to choose a topic in which you are an expert. You need to find the intersection between:

  • your expertise
  • sufficient traffic volumes and interest on the web
  • profit potential.

Publish a high volume of content

I sold my website for six figures because I published a large number of articles. This is how I attracted large volumes of search engine traffic.

My success stemmed from a mountain of content. Over the life of my website, I averaged three new articles per day, resulting in over a thousand new articles each year.

My website sold for six figures because it had a lot of quality content on it.

One of the most important things to implement is a daily quota for publishing new articles. Build a big website. Publish regularly. Writing

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