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This guest post is by Tea, The Word Chef.

Admit it: the last time you had important company over was the last time you really cleaned your house.

Whether it was a visit from your mother, or a group of friends for a dinner party, you paid extra close attention to making things presentable for your guests.

And if you’re even a bit neurotic (like me), you caught yourself worrying about the littlest things. Like that spot on the carpet, or the dust on the baseboards. You spent an extra three hours slaving away on your hands and knees to get everything looking just right.

Sound familiar?

The big event

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My sister and I like to laugh about this, but it’s true: inviting people over is a sure way to move “spring cleaning” to the top of your To Do list.

Guess what? Your blog is the virtual equivalent of your home or office (or in my case, my home office!). It’s where you entertain good friends and new acquaintances.

And unless you take the care that you would with your real-world entertaining, you may end up with a lukewarm blog that doesn’t make much of an impression.

A checklist for creating a totally awesome blog

1. Put together the guest list

Who will you invite to your blog?

A diverse guest list can certainly make for an entertaining dinner party, but unless your goal is to incite drama between opposite sides of the political aisle, you should invite like-minded people who have many things in common.

In business terms, this is your target market.

But don’t just describe this group of people in terms of demographics and psychographics. Go beyond that and actually put together a short list with real names. Start with your current clients. Who do you love to work with? What traits do they have in common?

Get to know these folks inside and out. What do they care about most? What gets them out of bed in the morning? The better you’re able to identify real people with real challenges, the more you’ll be able to find more of them (and for them to find you) and meet their needs.

2. Choose a theme

Every event—even informal ones—need a theme to be remarkable.

Your blog is no different. Your underlying message and mission should inform how you position your blog and what metaphor or

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