Jun 302010

Most businesses at some point will ask themselves if it is better to keep their social media account management internal or to outsource it. Here are 7 reasons to consider outsourcing your social media account management to a professional.

  1. Save time – While social media marketing may not cost as much as other types of marketing in direct dollars it can take a daunting amount of time to do properly. That time may be better spent running your core business.
  2. Thoroughness – A professional social media manager will have a complete understanding of all the daily, weekly and monthly tasks needed to keep your social media effort running like a well oiled machine.
  3. Focus your social media marketing effort  – A professional social media manager will be able to identify and recommend which social media communities are most suited to your organization/products thereby maximizing your efforts and avoiding communities where you may not be effective or even wanted.
  4. Avoid social media blunders – Social media has its own rules of etiquette that may not be immediately obvious to an outsider and they are constantly changing. A professional social media manager will help you avoid stubbing your toe or worse in the social media world.
  5. More efficient use of resources – A professional social media manager will have time saving tools and techniques to accomplish tasks thereby making more efficient use of your social media budget.
  6. Monitor your social media reputation – A professional social media manager will be able to monitor your reputation in the social media world. Slow response to customer service or quality problems can let minor problems snowball into major ones.
  7. Quickly grow your social media following – A professional social media manager will have tools and techniques for identifying the best potential fans and followers for your organization/product and recruiting them into your social network.

  4 Responses to “7 Reasons Why You May Want To Outsource Your Social Media Management”

  1. Hi! I think that you’ve made an extremely valid point, I just find it difficult to allow someone else to speak on my behalf. Many of my followers and readers know my personality and my personal mannerisms, so if I were to hire someone else I would think that my followers would know that it’s not me almost immediately. Maybe not. Do you have any companies that you can recommend or that you use?

    Great post! Thanks.
    CK Pittman
    P.S. – Awesome picture on the main part of your blog! Wish I was there!

    • Hi CK!

      Your concern about outsourcing “your voice” is fairly common and I recommend that most people and businesses continue to create their own content. But that does not preclude outsourcing the day to day mundane tasks to someone else so that you have more time to create new content and run your business.

      I would be happy to work with you to develop a plan that would meet your needs.

      Thanks for leaving such a great comment.

      Curtis Ritchey
      7K Social Media

  2. Putting up a Facebook or Twitter page, then not monitoring your page properly, could lead to social media nightmares from people getting angry because you are not responding or worse, somebody badmouthing you on your own page making you look bad. If you can’t do it properly in-sourced, then by all means, outsource the work, just make sure it’s somebody you can trust.

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