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This guest post is by Chris, The TrafficBlogger.

Depending on your situation as a blogger, hope could be your ticket to success, or cause you to quit blogging within the month. Dictionary definition-wise, hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or that events will turn out for the best. Think about how this could be a great or terrible thing for you as a blogger.

False hope (bad!)

There are two very different types of hope for online marketers—and all bloggers need to start thinking of themselves as marketers if they want to be successful.

The first type of hope is a false kind. It is the kind of hope that makes you think spending hours online was worth it because you earned a few pennies for your efforts. A false sense of hope is not only dangerous, but it also wastes your time and, more often than not, your audience’s time as well. I’d rather you failed at something miserably and attempted to make changes, rather than have mediocre success and consider it a reason to keep on failing.

False hope is so dangerous because it leads to complacency and plateauing.

False hope was something that pervaded my every effort online when I first started Internet marketing three years ago. A typical example would be AdWords and affiliate marketing. I would set up ads on Google AdWords for a few dollars each and have the accumulated traffic sent to websites designed to sell a particular product.

Since I was seeing some money come in from this effort I felt that I was successful, but I was actually failing horribly. For every $5 I spent on AdWords advertising, I made $7.

As someone just starting out I felt that a few dollars each day was successful and this feeling led to a false sense of hope which made me complacent instead of aggressive in my internet marketing endeavors. Nowadays I spend $1 and make $30, which is a far cry from the good old days of sitting back and thinking I knew everything about making money online.

Motivational hope (good!)

Failure is a great thing. It’s a reason to have hope, not to lose it.

It is through failure that we achieve success. As a computer programmer, I know what it’s like to find every possible route that doesn’t work—until eventually you track down the solution to your problem. This is how you should view failure:

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