Apr 202011

This guest post is by Brian Milne, a longtime sports blogger and founder of the BallHyped Sports Blogging Community.

We’ve all been there.

You’ve been blogging for months, even years, and your blog is going nowhere fast. Traffic is stagnant. Your subscriber count has dropped off. AdSense is paying just that: cents per day.

So what’s a blogger to do when they hit “the wall?” The most important thing to remember is that every blogger hits it. The key is to break through that wall or scale over it.

To overcome the wall, you have to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question: Have you outgrown your blog, or have you failed to grow with your blog?

Like our blogging platforms (WordPress, for example, has two or three major updates each year), individual bloggers have to evolve as well.

If your blog has plateaued because of a lack of promotion (are you spending as much time marketing your blog as you do writing for it?), content development (have you tried complementing your writing with images, podcasts, video?), SEO improvements (are you using keyword phrases in titles, opening paragraphs, subtitles, captions, and attachment file names?), then it’s on you to grow.

But if your blog has plateaued because your niche is too niche, it’s time your blog’s subject matter evolved.

How niche is too niche?

In today’s saturated blogosphere, all the talk is about niche sites, and niche is a great way to make a quick buck impact: getting your site to rank quickly for super specific keyword phrases, and making a name for yourself in a small industry or at a local level.

But is that micro-level impact your long-term goal for your blog? Or are you looking for something more?

Don’t limit yourself. If your existing blog is going to be a major part of your life, your business, and your brand long term, you need to think long term.

Can you crush through “the wall” with better, or more content? Can you add topics or categories to your blog without it feeling bloated or misplaced?

If so, it’s time to write about something different, which is the easiest way to hurdle the blogging barrier. Write about new topics, with a fresh set of keyword phrases, and it’s only a matter of time before Google starts sending you fresh visitors based on those search terms.

But if, deep down inside, you feel your blog has a shelf life,

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