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Earlier in the week I wrote a post about two factors that played a significant part in the growing of my own blogging business over the last 2 years.

  1. making a mind shift away from just relying upon advertising and affiliate revenue to starting to build my own products.
  2. investing in training and starting to learn from others who had experience in marketing and launching products online.

I mentioned Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula (PLF) in that previous post and recommended you check out some videos that he’s recently released (as well as a free report that gives a great blueprint overview of how to release products).

Today I want to share a couple of strategies that I use today that I learned from Jeff’s PLF that have been a part of my own recent success. I’d estimate that together they’ve been well over ‘six figure’ lessons.

1. Using Events to launch Products

One of the key elements of Jeff’s teaching is that he gets you to think about the launches of your products as ‘events’. This concepts has become increasingly important to me in my own product launches but also in some of the affiliate marketing that I’ve done.

One of the best examples of this from my own last 12 months as the 12 days of Christmas promotion we ran on my photography blog. Simply by thinking about it as a 12 day event helped a lot both in terms of my own planning and execution of the event – but also in terms of how it was received by readers.

I was very nervous at the start of the promotion that readers would become sick of it – but framing it as a 12 day event connected with people – we even had readers emailing us asking where our daily promotional emails were if we ran a little behind schedule.

Effectively what we try to do now with our ebook launches is take people on a journey rather than send them a series of ‘buy my eBook’ type emails.

2. Perpetual Product Launches

Launching a product (whether it be an eBook, a course, a piece of software or something else) is a big effort. Typically now when we release an eBook at dPS we do so over a 2-3 week period (1 week of prelaunch stuff and then two weeks for the launch event).

However once the initial launch is over many bloggers then move onto developing

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