Aug 302010

The security train wreck called Facebook is up to its old tricks again. I friend sent me  a screen shot of a message she recently received when trying to log in to her Facebook account:

My friend is at a complete loss as to how to proceed. She a) doesn’t have a cell phone and b) wouldn’t give Facebook her phone number even if she did own cell phone.  Clicking on the “Why am I seeing this?” link just takes you to the basically useless all-in-one Facebook help page. She reported the problem to Facebook but has only received the usual canned response back. She can’t even get in to her account to delete it, which is what she would really like to do since she is so upset with Facebook.

I have a question. What genius at Facebook thought this was a good idea?

The stupidity of this just boggles my mind. Are the people working at Facebook so clueless that they think everyone in the world has a cell phone? Given Facebook’s security track record do they really think that everyone would be willing to give them their phone number?

I wish there was a good alternative to Facebook. Unfortunately there isn’t at this point in time and I don’t see one on the horizon. It’s a shame that they can treat their users with such contempt and not suffer any consequences.

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  1. Same exact thing happened to me. Someone needs to cover this issue.

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