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If capturing and sending email is a part of your blog, it might be your newsletter, affiliate programs, sales email or even just reader comment notifications there are some changes (that have been looming for some time) now ramping up to a level that will impact the way you create and send emails …

Email services providers are taking matters into their own hands to fix our inbox’s.  

… and when Google start leading the charge with this, we all better pay attention.

The reality is that when it comes to our own inbox it’s a never ending stream of important stuff mixed with the boring but essential stuff, mixed in with the junk mail and spam. Sorting and organising takes time and if your not on top of it,  the important emails get lost in the noise.

It’s a problem we’ve been trying to solve since the dawn of email:

  • We were given functionality to use such as folders, and auto-filter rules
  • We were given blocking tools such as spam filters and junk folders
  • We were given techniques to try such as inbox zero

All of these things were created for users to help themselves — of course if they wanted.

I realised this was all about to change when providers started to play with the idea of proactively helping us manage the legitimate emails in our inbox by trying to figure out for us the important emails over the normal. Google’s priority inbox is a great example of this.

However now Google have taken another step and are organising into groups our email for us.  Based on their own rules by default.

If you’re a Gmail user (not everyone seems to have this yet) at some point you’ll see a primary inbox, a social inbox, and a promotions inbox magically appear.

Google will, using it’s own wisdom by default, sort all your email into these groups.

You will be able to ‘train’ google by dragging emails from one inbox to another and hidden nicely away in the settings you can turn it off. But if history is anything to go by only a small percentage will actually do either of those.

So what will this mean for sending emails right now?

Time will only tell what the open and click through rate implications of not being in the primary inbox will be as more users are provided the service and actually realise

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