7 Ways to Stay Inspired and Avoid Bloggers Burn Out

What do you do to avoid blogger burnout? How do you stay inspired? Monique Frausto asked the above question on Twitter late last week and because it was a bit too big of a topic to tackle in 140 characters, I thought I’d jot a few random thoughts down here. 1. Know Your Limits and [...]

Just 24 Hours Left to Get Your ProBlogger Training Event Virtual Pass

As this post goes live 450 bloggers from around Australia are boarding planes to head to the 4th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They’re tweeting with excitement on the #PBEVENT hashtag – check it out. There they will be lapping up over 30 hours of great blogging training from international guests [...]

7 Places Bloggers Can Get Design Work Done (Without Breaking The Bank)

This is a guest contribution by Skellie Wag. Every blog has a design. Whether it’s a beautifully put together custom job, a WordPress theme, a template or something frankensteined together with a vague knowledge of HTML and CSS. Most of us are not web designers, and because of this, the design of our blogs can [...]

3 Questions to Ask When Facing Fear [And Why Wobbly Courage Is Enough]

A few weeks ago I asked readers of ProBlogger to tell us about the fears that they’ve faced and overcome as bloggers. The response was fantastic with some honest sharing – thanks to those who commented – your comments not only helped me prepare for a talk I was giving on the topic at our [...]

How to Write a Professional E-mail that Gets a Reply

This is a guest contribution by Jackson Nwachukwu, freelance blogger and content writer. Copyright Tommi – Fotolia.com Who doesn’t know how to write an email? Everyone emails, don’t they? Well, let me start by telling you that there are emails and then there are professional emails. As a freelance blogger, writer, content marketer and what have [...]

How I Increased Facebook Reach and Engagement by 200-300% This Week

Note: This post has been updated with fresh examples including our most seen post ever. Over the last week I’ve been putting a renewed effort into working with Facebook after listening to a session by Amy Porterfield at our ProBlogger Training Event last week. While our Digital Photography School Facebook Page is something that I [...]

DISCUSS: Which Social Network Sends Your Blog the Most Traffic?

At PBEVENT last week I was having lunch with a group of 5 bloggers from quite different niches and for a few minutes the conversation centred around the topic of which social media sites send us the most traffic. We went around the circle and shared the top sources of social media traffic for our [...]

11 Tips for Slaying Your Most Insidious Blogging Limiting Beliefs

This is a guest contribution from Ryan Biddulph. “Should I write this post? I do not know. I mean, it will probably go live in 1-2 months. 1-2 months is a long time. Not worth it.” These thoughts traveled through my mind a few minutes ago. Honestly. Limiting beliefs cripple most bloggers. A select few [...]

When Affiliate Marketing Can Be a WIN/WIN/WIN Situation

Several years ago on my photography site I was approached by a company who sold a software product for photographers. They wanted to run a banner ad campaign on my site to promote a new product. Their product was a quality one from a source I trusted and it was relevant to our readers so [...]

Highlights from ProBlogger Event 2013 #PBEVENT

Images by Helen H and WonderWebby Note: the Virtual Pass for PBEVENT 2013 is still available for purchase here. It is hard to believe but this time last week, we were in the midst of our fourth annual Problogger Conference on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. It was an amazingly emotional, nerve-wracking and yet [...]