5 Tips for Launching a Product On Your Blog Without Annoying Your Readers

“Darren, I have written an eBook but am struggling with how ‘pushy’ to be with my readers in my marketing of it. I want to sell some but don’t want to annoy my readers. Any tips?” This question hit my inbox today and I thought I’d share some of my reply here. Great question – [...]

What Advertisers Want: 6 steps to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog

This is a guest contribution from Brianne Bauer. How do advertisers determine whether a blog is worth their marketing dollars? Promising blogs start out with must-have elements — interesting content, loyal readership, eye-catching design and regular updates. But what’s missing? Here are six ways bloggers can become more attractive to advertisers. Cross-Media Integration Advertisers looks at [...]

Gmail Trying to ‘Fix’ Our Inbox and What it Means for You.

If capturing and sending email is a part of your blog, it might be your newsletter, affiliate programs, sales email or even just reader comment notifications there are some changes (that have been looming for some time) now ramping up to a level that will impact the way you create and send emails … Email [...]

2 Thoughts on Opportunity and Success to Kickstart Your Week

Yesterday I tweeted a couple of thoughts on Twitter leading to an explosion of retweets but also questions, reactions and ideas. I thought I’d put them here on the blog too, in the hope they might help to kickstart your week! So many of us wait for opportunity to knock on our door. Most successful [...]

7 Reasons I LOVE Running Webinars for My Blog Readers

Over the last couple of years I’ve run semi-regular webinars for ProBlogger readers (sign up to get invitations to these free webinars here). These webinars have not only received a lot of positive feedback, they’ve also been among the most energising things I’ve done on this site. Here’s a few quick thoughts on why I [...]

The 7 Angels of Blogging DOOM

This is a guest contribution from Rebekah Lambert, copywriter and owner of Unashamedly Creative. Blogging is super fun, right? You get to write your own stories, express opinions, share what you learn, explore ideas, encourage debate and create a wonderful world of content that attracts like minded people. However with all this joy inside the happy [...]

13 Tools and Services I Use Every Day to Build a Profitable Blogging Business

Yesterday, during our QA webinar, we received a lot of questions about the tools and services we recommend for different aspects of blogging. While we touched on a few, there are quite a few more that I wanted to touch on. Not all are strictly ‘blogging tools’ but all are things we regularly use as [...]

10 Tools To Help Protect Your Blog From Content Theft

This is a guest contribution from Adam Connell, blogger at Bloggingwizard.com. If you write or publish a blog, you’ll inevitably experience the gut-wrenching feeling of content theft at some point in the life of your blog. It’s not fair but it’s now just part of the world of online content. What can you do to protect the content you [...]

Don’t Quit Your Job To Chase Your Dreams… Until You’ve Read This

“I’m quitting my job to chase my dreams!” When I hear someone say those words I experience two feelings simultaneously. 1. Excitement. You can’t help but admire someone with that kind of passion. Exciting things often happen when people step out of their comfort zone and make space to go for their dreams! 2. Fear. What [...]