13 Steps to Being the Worst Blogger on the Planet

This guest post is by Karol K of ThemeFuse. Being the best blogger on the planet is just so mainstream. Why would you even aim for that?! Why not aim for something much easier to achieve, and be the worst blogger the world has ever seen? As I’m sure you’ve noticed, people follow different steps [...]

12 Blogging Lessons I Learned From Maxim Magazine

This guest post is by Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing. Maxim magazine. It’s banned in my house (unless it’s used for research purposes). With its revealing covers, dependence on taboo topics, and issues jam-packed with girls, booze, and cars, you’d think researching Maxim magazine would lead to a wasteland for any type of valuable [...]

AdSense Release Toolbar for Chrome Users: Ideal for Stats Junkies

If you’re an AdSense publisher you’re probably used to the AdSense stats shuffle. You know it – constant logging into your AdSense reports to check how earnings are going. Today AdSense released a little toolbar for Chrome users that makes checking your latest figures a breeze. Install it and with a click you get a [...]

3 Lessons On Blogging from My Son… the Artist

Our kitchen table is in a perpetual state of creativity.   Marker pens, sketch books, glue sticks, and paint sets are make their permanent home there because my five-year-old son (X) is a self-declared Artist. While there are some challenges with living with an Artist… (last night I almost broke my ankle tripping on a glue [...]

Confessions of a Narcissistic Blogger

This guest post was written by Joe Bunting of The Write Practice. I came across this interesting quote from psychologist Alexander Lowen: “To experience joy, one must be free of anxieties about letting go and expressing feeling. Or to put it differently, one has to be carefree and innocent as a child.”—Alexander Lowen Image copyright [...]

What Has Blog SEO Got to Do With How Your Readers Feel?

This guest post is by Dr. Mani of Internet infopreneur. My blogging has evolved. Since 2003, when I first started blogging, the style and nature of my writing has changed to match trends, experience, and personal growth. One thing however has remained constant. I write for my audience—and about things that matter to them. Or [...]

A New Linking Strategy: Out is the New In

I’ve been thinking a lot about my linking strategy lately. Trying to get incoming backlinks, making sure I have good inner links… But one area that I think is too often overlooked is outbound links. Hello, it’s called the “web” Image copyright stock.xchng user lusi When HTML was initially designed (and yes, I’m old enough [...]

31 Unexpected Perks of Blogging You’ll Never Want to Give Up

This guest post is by Uttoran Sen of traveltamed.com. You’ve got it! You’re officially a Have in a world of Have-nots! What do you have? It’s probably not money, fame, or tax-write-offs disguised as corporate jets. It’s something more powerful. You have a blog. And a darn fine one at that. If you’ve said before [...]

How to Build a Traffic-siphoning Marketing Funnel

This guest post is by Herman Diaz of Herman Dias likes writing about SEO So Easy. Would you let Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube and other sites control your online business? Or would you like to control it yourself? Would you want to be in a position to lose your online income suddenly because Google [...]

What Motivates Readers to Share?

This guest post is by Dan Zarrella of danzarrella.com. In my research into sharing, I realized I needed to develop a framework that would serve as a model for the decision-making process that takes place before someone spreads an idea. This framework describes the three criteria that must be met before someone will spread an [...]