How to Land the Best Products to Review

This post is by Simon Worrall of CM Copywriters. Each year, companies spend hundreds of millions on branded T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and pens. Go to enough conferences and you’ll amass terabytes of memory sticks and a wardrobe of T-shirts, hoodies, and caps. Promotional products are also a way of making money. In 2008, Europe’s soccer [...]

I’m Going to Blog World Expo LA [PLUS: Who #BWELA is Good For]

In just over a month Blog World Expo will be happening in Los Angeles from 3-5 November – and I will be there – speaking at one of the Track Keynotes (topic TBA). I didn’t think I would get there this year with a new baby in the house but the little guy is doing [...]

6 Tips to Help You Survive Your First 3 Months of Pro Blogging

This guest post is by Glee of Creative Fashion. I was a high-school Maths teacher for eight years and for all those years, my life evolved in writing lesson plans, producing teaching materials and worksheets, dealing with parents, teaching some well-behaved and some rude students, and pleasing demanding bosses. When an opportunity came for me [...]

How to Increase Conversions With Google Website Optimizer

This guest post is by Joe Burnett of Who’s Your Blogger? “I have a pretty (un)healthy obsession with email lists. I’m constantly telling my readers to focus on growing a list of active, engaged, and interested email subscribers.”—Blog Tyrant You can capture emails with only one ethical plan: the visitor will have to give you [...]

How the Power of One Can Take Your Blog to Many

This guest post is by Barb Sawyers of Sticky Communication. Changing the world, one person at a time. I first heard this expression back in the eighties as the tagline for Apple Computers. Since then, it’s been borrowed my thousands of causes and brands. It’s that good. But still, people are appealing to market segments, [...]

Action! Can Our Hollywood Experiment Help You Make Money Blogging?

This is a guest post by Joke and Biagio of Setting: a busy production office in Hollywood, California. Joke stares at her husband Biagio in disbelief. Joke: You bought another book from Darren Rowse? Biagio: Well, uh, no…this one’s actually by the Web Marketing Ninja… Her face goes blank. Joke: Did you just say…Ninja? [...]

7-point Checklist For Bloggers Who Want to Create a Profitable Blog

This guest post is by Peter G. James Sinclair of Motivational Memo. Before I aggressively started to build my Motivational Memo blog at the beginning of this year I had already owned a web design company for over seven years. During that time I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in web [...]

There Are 3 Thing’s Wrong With This Head Line

This guest post is by Greg McFarlane of Control Your Cash As a blogger, you expect your readers to give you their valuable time that they could be spending elsewhere. If you’re going to ask that much of them, don’t they deserve your best effort in return? When your posts are loaded with spelling and [...]

Bushido for Bloggers: What Samurais and Bloggers Have in Common

This guest post is by Aman Basanti of Yamamoto Tsunetomo’s Hagakure is the most famous text on bushido, the warrior code of the samuari. Written in an era when Japan was obsessed with warfare and martial prowess, the book offers instruction on how a samurai should live and die. The most famous and misunderstood [...]