2 Blogging Myths: Traffic Measures Success and Content Is King

This guest post was written by Stephen Guise of Deep Existence. Admit it. You think I’m crazy for dogging the two most commonly cited blogger goals—traffic and great content. Allow me to explain before you throw your mouse at the screen, please. Busting the myths Blog traffic is very important. With no traffic, how will [...]

WP Troubleshooting Tips From the Trenches

This guest post is by Dan Sheehan of DSConstructiontahoe.com. I’m one of those types who believe when something’s working fine, it’s a good time to mess with it. After all, isn’t that how progression and innovation happen? My construction business had been slow so I decided to build my own website during some down-time. I [...]

Use Twitter Contests to Find Targeted Followers

Few things will replace SEO, providing great content, posting frequently, or building relationships with your readers and with other leaders in your niche as ways to help bring visitors to your blog. However, I’d like to introduce you to another way you can find targeted followers who are interested in the content, products, and services [...]