The 8 Most Greatest Tips to Write Unstoppably Killer Headlines Guide Ever

This guest post is by Eric Cummings and Michael Cummings of On Violence. Nearly a year and a half into making small strides in one of the smallest niches on the Internet—the MILblog (military blog) community—our traffic started going up. We had one question. Why? Our guess is that—in addition to some great guest posts—we [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Blog Logo

This guest post is by Liane of the Blog Design Team. After almost three years of blogging, and about the same time spent discovering my addiction to graphic design, I’ve come to realize that both of my passion go hand in hand. Blogging and design is a match made in heaven. And my favorite project [...]

How to Harness Your Email List to Help Pay Your Rent

This guest post is by the Blog Tyrant. Wouldn’t it be nice to send out an email or two and pull in $10,000+ to pay your rent or mortgage payments for the year? It is actually possible using your own products or those of selected affiliates. And while some of you will be thinking that [...]

Should You Use Affiliates to Promote Your Products?

Last week I shared my answer to a common question that many people getting into online product marketing ask: “Should I offer a money-back guarantee?” Today I want to tackle two others: “Should I start an affiliate program to promote my product?” If so, “how much should I pay affiliates as a commission?” I had [...]

How to Impress Blog Visitors Before they Start to Read

This guest post is by Darren of Isn’t the best way to impress readers by providing great content? My answer would be yes, because most people come to your site for your content. There are, however, some things you can do to impress and build credibility among your (first-time) readers even before they start [...]

Personal Blog Monetization Perils and Pitfalls

This guest post is by Brooke Schoenman of Brooke vs. the World. I write for two blogs that are both travel-themed, yet very different from one another. Brooke vs. the World has been my personal travel blog for the past four years, while WhyGo Australia is more of a travel guide blog which is part [...]

Don’t Go It Alone: Relationship-building for Bloggers

This guest post is by Jane Sheeba of Find All Answers. Let’s get it straight. Blogging is not a standalone job. You cannot blog in a space that doesn’t exist and to a group of virtual people. You need people—yes, living human beings, not just pairs of eyeballs—to read your blog. You don’t just need [...]

6 Fiction Writing Techniques to Improve Your Blog

This is a guest post by Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn Many people want to write a book and maybe you’re one of them. Perhaps you don’t want to write a novel, but these fiction writing techniques can still help you improve your blog. 1. Character At its core, fiction is about characters and [...]

How to Troubleshoot WordPress

This guest post was written by Neil Matthews, a WordPress consultant at WPDude. Over the years, I’ve developed a troubleshooting methodology while working with my WordPress technical support clients.  My methodology helps  to solve the majority of WordPress crashed sites I’ve come across, and I wanted to share it with you, the good readers of [...]