Mobile phone required to use Facebook?

Mobile phone required to use Facebook?

The security train wreck called Facebook is up to its old tricks again. I friend sent me  a screen shot of a message she recently received when trying to log in to her Facebook account: My friend is at a complete loss as to how to proceed. She a) doesn’t have a cell phone and [...]

How Facebook is slowing down your web browsing…even if you are not a member!

The puzzle Lately it seems like many of the web sites I browse stall for 5  or 10 seconds while they load. Sometimes they refuse to load at all and I have to hit the reload button to get them started again. When this happens I tend to look at the lower left corner of [...]

7 Reasons Why You May Want To Outsource Your Social Media Management

Most businesses at some point will ask themselves if it is better to keep their social media account management internal or to outsource it. Here are 7 reasons to consider outsourcing your social media account management to a professional. Save time – While social media marketing may not cost as much as other types of [...]